Roade Day Nursery wins coveted Millies Mark
I'm delighted to announce that Roade Day Nursery has been awarded the exceptional award Millies Mark.
Millies Mark is a remarkable achievement for our nursery, we are the ONLY nursery I know of in Northampton and Milton Keynes to have gained this award. Its not an easy accreditation to achieve which is testament to our wonderful team of whom I am immensely PROUD of, their hard work and dedication has paid off.
Always striving to ensure that keeping our children safe is the main priority
Millies Mark is Englands gold standard in paediatric first aid and is named after Millie Thompson who died in 2012 after choking on food whilst at nursery when she was just nine months old.
Hearing this story, Roade Day Nursery was inspired to train its staff to the Millies Mark standard to provide reassurance to parents and empower all its staff to respond quickly in emergencies.
All of our staff are now fully paediatrically first-aid trained, audits and risk assessments are now complete and as a result we feel much more competent and confident in dealing with all accidents and emergencies.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful parents, Our fundraising has paid off, look what arrived today.
We are now the very proud owners of funding 4 toilets in the Congo, this will enable families in four different villages to access fresh water and clean sanitation, aiding children to attend schools and nurseries. Our frame will take pride of place in the children's bathroom only after we have discussed the reasons as to why we have done it.
This is such a wonderful thing to introduce to our children, we do hope they can learn a lot from this and gain an understanding of the world we live in.
Thank you all so much x x